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Start summer with a SPLASH!!!    

Classes run Monday-Friday for 2 weeks = 10 lessons per Session

Covid-19 Protocols and Requirements for Safe Swimming Lessons 

Go to Swim Safe Daily Waiver

and sign in before every class. It is required for participation

Thanking All adults in advance for wearing a mask and helping to make this session possible

Asking Swimmers to arrive and leave in bathing suits

Our changerooms are closed for now

Please arrive 5 min before lesson time to ensure your swimmers have time to use the washroom

Walking towards the pools please stay on the left and follow the signs

Check in with me (Gail) and I will help guide you 1st day to meet your Instructor

There are flow arrows and 2M spacing markers on the fence/pavilions as reminders

Instructors will be wearing face shields and there are 2m spacers in the pool

We will be sanitizing equipment and maintain 2m spacing while in the water together

Asking parents of Level 4 and up to wait for your swimmers in the car. You are welcome to meet them at the end of their lesson

Asking parents of swimmers Level 3 and below to be mindful of the flow in the facility and to assist their children to the washroom

Again, keep left and the directional arrows will guide you back to the parking lot

Due to increased lot traffic and presence in the parking lot Please, GO SLOW and watch out for children

Thank you so much for your co-operation

Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a successful swim season

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