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If you are coming from another Program use the chart below to see what class is best suited for you or your child.

Use the buttons below to view skills swimmers need going into each Level in the Swim Safe Red Cross Program. These skills/goals are incorporated into the Swim Kids Program through Skills and Water Safety, Swimming and Health, and Fitness.

Swim Safe Level Information

Click on a level below for details

Parent and Tot

Parent and Tot ages 2 -4 yrs. Introduce your child to the joys of swimming. Our newest pool designed especially for your little ones. Play in warm, shallow water and see your child's confidence and skills blossom. No extra equipment needed.

Level 1A

3 yrs+, beginner swimmers - your child is ready to be in the water with an Instructor. Small classes, introduction to water movement, bubbles and floats. Experience theme days with the emphasis on learning safety skills, bubbles, floats, swims and having FUN.

Level 1B

4 yrs +, your swimmer is comfortable in the water. They can blow bubbles, submerge under the water for 5 seconds, float and perform some swimming skills on their front or back. Goal is to swim 5m continuously at the end of this Level.

Level 2

Swimmers develop front crawl and front and back glides in this Level. Introduction to deep water activities (assisted). Swims with a flutter kick for 10m on front and back.

Level 2/3

Level 3

In this Level Swimmers increase their distance on front and back glide with flutter kick, perform flutter kick unassisted, wear a PFD in deep water, float in deep water and swim 15 m continuously.

Level 4

Swimmers learn back swim with shoulder roll and front crawl (10m), work on flutter kick on back, perform kneeling dive, introduction to sculling and swim 25 metres continuously.

Level 4/5

Swimmers are comfortable in deep water; can breathe rhythmically 15 times; swim front crawl at least 15 m, arms recovering above water; and swim 25-50 m continuously..

Level 5

Swimmers develop front crawl (15m), learn back crawl (15m) and whip kick on back, learn stride dive and treading water, perform head-first sculling on back, and swim 50 metres continuously.

Level 5/6

Can swim front crawl comfortably for 20M while breathing to the side. Dives into deep water and can surface support for 1 minute min. Introduction to back crawl and whip kick. No Level 4's please.

Level 6

Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (25m), learn elementary back stroke (15m), learn dolphin kick, tread water in deep water, perform front dive, and swim 75 metres continuously.

Level 6/7

Swimmers can tread water 1:30 minute Swims Front and Back Crawl -min 25m Swims 100 m continuously Intro to whip kick

Level 7

Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (50m) and elementary back stroke (25m), learn front scull, perform whip kick on front and dolphin kick, learn stride entry and swim 150 metres continuously.

Level 7/8

Swimmers can swim efficient front and back crawl at least 50 m; perform whip kick on the front and back at least 25 m; swim elementary back and breast strokes for at least 25m and swim 150 m continuously.

Level 8

Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (75m) and elementary back stroke (25m), learn breast stroke (15m), learn eggbeater/tread water, perform feet-first surface dive and standing shallow dive, and swim 300 metres continuously.

Level 8/9

Swimmers can swim front and back crawl for at least 50 m; swim coordinated elementary backstroke and breaststroke at least 25 m; and swim 300 m continuously

Level 9

Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (100m), elementary back stroke (50m) and breast stroke (25m), learn sidestroke kick, perform head-first surface dive, and swim 400 metres continuously.

Level 9/10

Swimmers can swim front crawl and back crawl at least 75 m; swim elementary backstroke and breaststroke at least 50 m; and swim 400m continuously

Level 10

Swimmers increase their distance on front and back crawl (100m), elementary back stroke (50m) and breast stroke (50m), learn sidestroke (25m), perform dolphin kick (vertical), learn feet- and head-first surface dives with underwater swim, and swim 500 metres continuously.

Next Steps

Age 13 yrs-Complete Red Cross Swim Kids Level 10 Register and complete Bronze Medallion (at your local Rec. Centre or Community Pool). Age 14 yrs. Register and complete Bronze Cross Interested in Teaching and Lifeguarding Age 15 yrs. - Register and complete Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Age 16 yrs. - Register and complete Life Saving Water Safety Instructor, CPR C (with AED) , Standard 1st Aid and NLS (National Lifeguard Service) courses. Interested in Lifeguarding Only? Complete Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross Age 16, Register and complete NLS. Note: Pools that offer teaching programs require the majority of their staff to be certified Lifeguards AND Swim Instructors. Exceptions for this are businesses such as Water Parks and some Camps, etc. where lessons are not held. Good luck in your future swimming!

Adult Learn to Swim

For adults with no prior swimming experience and shallow water swimmers. Learn the basics. Become more comfortable and feel safer in the water.

Adult Stroke Improvement

For adults wanting to improve their technique and competitive edge. This class is for Intermediate and above swimmers.


class designed to Boost skills

Bronze Star

Excellent preparation for success in Bronze Medallion. Participants develop problem-solving and decision-making skills individually and in partners. Candidates learn CPR and develop the lifesaving skills needed to be their own lifeguard. Includes a timed 400 m swim.

Fitness/Open Swim

Enjoy the pools on hot summer days and summer nights. Cool off before supper or bedtime. Use the 34 ft of stairs in our new pool to play, workout or just lounge.

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

The Water Safety Instructor Course Prepares candidates to Instruct Red Cross Swim Program

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Transfer

For Lifesaving Society or YMCA Water Safety Instructors who want to get a Red Cross Instructor certification.

Red Cross Instructor Recertification

Course Duration 5 hours (3 hours classroom, 2 hours pool) Pre-course Requirements WSI certification in good standing Course Components A professional development component. A Red Cross Swimming & Water Safety Program Update. A WSI Skills Evaluation Candidates will be evaluated on water safety skills and strokes to meet Red Cross Swim Kids performance criteria. They will also be evaluated on Instructor Emergency Response (IER) skills to ensure the WSI can identify and show how to prevent and manage any situation that may arise in an instructional setting. Instructor Development Program materials, as well as information regarding other Canadian Red Cross programs and volunteer

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