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If you are coming from another Program, use the chart below to see what class is best suited for you or your child.

  • Level 1A is for beginner swimmers who are comfortable leaving their parents and learning independently with an Instructor. 
  • 1A Swimmers learn to blow bubbles, submerge, move comfortably in chest deep water, float and swim 2m.
  • Classes take place in our "small" pool - 26 inches deep. 
  • Level 1B is for swimmers comfortable submerging under the water for 3-5 sec., floating and swimming 2m. 
  • 1B's will progress to swimming 5+m, start learning front crawl and jump into chest deep water.
  • Classes take place in both "small" and "big" pool "- 36 inches deep

Use the buttons below to view skills swimmers need going into each Level in the Swim Safe Program. These skills/goals are incorporated into the Swim Kids Program through Water Safety, Water Skills, Swimming and Fitness.

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