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Next Steps

Age 13 yrs. � Complete Red Cross Swim Kids Level 10 Register and complete Bronze Medallion (at your local Rec. Center or Community Pool).

Age 14 yrs. � Register and complete Bronze Cross

Interested in Teaching and Lifeguarding

Age 15 yrs. - Register and complete Life Saving Swim/Life Saving Instructor Instructor

Age 15 yrs. - Register and complete Life Saving Instructor Standard 1st Aid with CPR-C, and NLS (National Lifeguard Service) courses.

Interested in Lifeguarding Only?

Complete Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid

Age 15, Register and complete NLS.


Pools that offer teaching programs require the majority of their staff to be certified Lifeguards AND Swim Instructors. Exceptions for this are businesses such as Water Parks and some Camps, etc. where lessons are not held.


Most Facilities pay their Instructors and Lifeguards more than minimum wage. Colleges and Universities, as well as future employers look to these skills and experience as very positive attributes.

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