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Customer feedback is a huge part of any business, they help new customers gain trust in doing businesses with us and the feedback we receive from past customers is used to help us continually improve how we do business. So please take the time to view what some of our customers have to say about us. If we have already had the pleasure of doing business with you. PLEASE take the time to fill out our review form to share your feedback!

  • "We have been using this Swim Safe for four years now. It is fantastic. The facility is beautiful and clean. The teachers are the best. They know their stuff and keep it fun for the kids to learn at the same time. The class sizes are small, with more than one teacher per class. I highly recommend it. "

    Sally Devoe

  • "A friend recommended swim safe and had amazing reviews of it. After spending nearly 4 years highly disappointed at the YMCA in Barrie, we jumped on the opportunity to sign her up for a school with wonderful feedback and we were not disappointed! Gail and her entire team were absolutely wonderful. My daughter did more swimming on the first day of class then she had in all the years at the YMCA. Each day there were new safety lessons and activities (boat safety, beach safety, jumping in the water with your clothes ect) that really excited my daughter each new day. The instructors kept the children interested and were hands on to make sure they were developing the skills they were being taught all while having a great time. Gail was always there observing and assisting in the classes which was also a very welcomed change! She truly cares for each student that comes in and takes time with each of them. At the end of our lesson, she took the time to go over my daughter's report card with me and I truly appreciated her honesty explaining where she did well and where she needed to improve. Thank you Gail and your entire team for such an incredible experience! My 6 year old daughter rated her experience 100 out of 10 and I agree! I highly recommend these lessons, they are worth every penny!"

    Diana Pellizari

  • "I can't recommend Gail and her amazing team at swim safe enough! I have enrolled my 3 children into various "other" year around swimming programs and always signed them up for the school provided ones as well. NO WHERE is near as good as Swim Safe. Gail helped my son get over his extreme fear of the water, that other facilities just didn't even try to help with. Her team knew there names after the first lesson 4 years ago and made them feel welcome and gave them all the confidence and positive encouragement that they needed succeed every lesson. One of the things my husband and I love the most about the sessions at Swim Safe is, its not just techniques being taught, its life saving as well! They learn about boat safety and so much more. My review could go on and on I am just that happy we found Gail and her crew. We look forward to every year! "


  • "All three of my boys graduated from Swim Safe with their level 10 Red Cross Swimming. The instruction they received has given them everything they need to be safe and accomplished swimmers. We LOVED swimming with Gail and her crew. When my last boy finished I actually cried at never returning to Swim Safe - the end of an era. I highly recommend the Swim Safe program for EVERY parent."


  • "Gail and the instructors at Swim Safe go above and beyond what I've ever seen at an instructional facility. The attention to safety, expert stroke instruction and correction, positive reinforcement and coaching and personal connection made with each child so that they learn to swim and LOVE to swim, is outstanding. Gail was very accommodating in making sure both my daughters could swim during a similar time slot, and always greeted the girls by name and with a word of encouragement- much appreciated! I would recommend Swim Safe to any family searching for quality instruction... and I already have!"

    Steph VM

  • "It's my feedback for "the best learn-to-swim program ever! " having just gotten back from a week out west that included doing swimming lessons with Skye ( now 2.5 y.o.). I got to be ' on the other side of the fence' so to speak, as a participant & first hand observer of 'another' swim lesson program. Your swimmers' families probably have no idea how much attention is paid to adherence to safety rules (you embrace the IF YOU PERMIT IT YOU PROMOTE IT philosophy) or to creativity ( just look at the toys & tools on your deck) or to the quality of learning experiences that you ( & your staff) deliver. I just want you to know just how absolutely fantastic your swim school is."


  • "Our girls first experience with swimming was in Gail's pools. They had a great time while they learned to swim, be confident and have fun. An added bonus was that water in the face at bath time was no longer a panic moment. They just blinked it away - the way Gail said!"


  • "I had two frustrating years of brining my very shy and water frightened son to recreation centers for swimming lessons. It was money not well spent. They coddled his fear and I thought he would never learn to swim. That changed quickly at swim safe. Gail in her confident, authoritive, re-assuring manner had my son in the water and learning to work the water in no time. Both my boys looked very forward to their summer swim lessons as Gail's. The pools were always warm and the teaching was always positive and energetic. I sell real estate in the area and when someone new moves into the area, I praise swim safe for having an excellent red cross program. I highly recommend swim safe."


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